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Contemporary Fantasy: The World of Muses


The Smoke in His Eyes Cover

Short Fiction, Poetry, and Other Publications

  • "Funding the Apocalypse," Livina Press, Summer 2022 (Short Fiction) - Forthcoming

  • "Hieroglyphs," The Lovers Literary Journal, Spring 2022 (Poetry) - Buy Print | Buy Digital

  • "Sunday Service for Bots That Live on the Island from Fortnite," The Daily Drunk Magazine, Spring 2022 (Short Fiction) - Read 

  • "Batman Drives Home from his Other Lover's House" The Daily Drunk Magazine, Fall 2021 (Poetry) - Read

  • "After the Music Comes the Silence," Carolina Muse, Spring 2021 (Short Fiction) - Read

  • "Next Week," Miniskirt Magazine, Spring 2021 (Short Fiction) - Read

  • "Free as Stone," Conclave, Spring 2019 (Short Fiction) - Buy

  • "Another Fucking Vampire Story," Door Is a Jar, Spring 2019 (Short Fiction) - Buy

  • "Allegory for the End of the World," Strangers: An Anthology, GenZ Publishing, 2019 (Short Fiction) - Buy

  • "The Boy Who Kissed the Rain," Conclave, Spring 2017 (Short Fiction) - Buy

    • WINNER, 2017 Rilla Askew Short Fiction Prize

    • NOMINATED, 2018 Pushcart Prize

  • "On the End of Our Affair," Tethered by Letters, Fall 2014 (Poetry) - Buy

  • "A Poet Survives a Plane Crash," Chicago Literati, Winter 2014 (Poetry) - Read

  • "Magic Brooms," "Stealing Wine," and "All the King's Men," Stonepile Writers' Anthology, Vol II, UNGP, Spring 2013 (Poetry) - Buy

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