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"Nora" and The Land of Ghosts


Shane Wilson and Jeremy Smith are proud to announce the release of "Nora," a collaborative effort combining one of Shane's original short stories with original music composed by Jeremy Smith.

From Shane's announcement:

Jeremy and I met at Azule in the Summer of 2016. “Nora” was the first piece of writing that I shared with Jeremy. It resonated with him and—to hear him tell it—the story has stuck with him ever since. Around the middle of last year, Jeremy asked me to record a reading of the story. After months of revisions, mixing, and editing, we have a product that we are both truly proud to share.

In the coming months we will release similar work. This project is a labor of love and we are imposing no deadlines on ourselves. It will happen as it happens.

Additionally, we asked our friend and fellow Azule resident Betsey Gravatt to produce artwork for the project and she has created a series of paintings that truly captures the spirit of the project.

“Nora” is now available for streaming on Spotify and should be up on all other streaming platforms in a few days. We hope it resonates with you like it did for us.

Listen to "Nora"

Shane and Jeremy Discuss "Nora"

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