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Sequoia Rising


Sequoia Rising is Shane Wilson (guitar/ vocals), Jerry Smith (percussion/ vocals), and occasionally Michelle Winfrey (vocals).

As a project, Sequoia Rising writes stories that are set to music in an alt-country/ singer-songwriter style. Sequoia Rising's first album was recorded and produced by Shane Wilson during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.

As a live band, Sequoia Rising puts a premium on entertainment. Shows include improvised songs and a healthy back-and-forth with the audience. Live performances include cover songs in alt-country, rock, hip hop, oldies, and top 40 genres as well as original music all on acoustic guitar and cajon.


Sequoia Rising can perform a family-friendly show for an afternoon charity event and roll into the bar scene that night. 

Album: Of All the Things I've Ever Said, I Mean This the Most (2021)

OfAllTheThings3 copy.jpg

Of All the Things I’ve Ever Said, I Mean This the Most is the new album from Shane Wilson’s music side project, Sequoia Rising. Recorded almost entirely during quarantine during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in a small room in Shane’s apartment, the album is an artifact of a particular brand of isolation and self-reflection. 

On Of All the Things, lyrical storytelling takes the lead. The album’s ten tracks tell stories of young love gone sideways and the ways our lives can be haunted by our pasts. 

Of All the Things I’ve Ever Said, I Mean This the Most is available now on all major streaming platforms and physical media.

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