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Shane Wilson is an award-winning author of magical realism and low fantasy. His two novels,  A Year Since the Rain and The Smoke in His Eyes are available through all major retailers. He has also published short fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. He maintains a blog that focuses on a variety of topics including topics in publication.


Shane has a Master's degree in English from Valdosta State University and has taught English at community colleges in Georgia and North Carolina. He has been teaching for nine years. He is currently pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.


Shane is available for speaking engagements, readings, interviews, and other appearances. He is also available for online appearances on blogs and discussions with writing groups and book clubs.

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The Boy Who Kissed the Rain (Book Blurb)


The forest outside of Wasser is filled with magic. When the rains fall over the land, it is because of the dances of mystical beings called Little Thunders. Long ago, the people of Wasser agreed not to explore the wilderness beyond the river. That land belonged to the Thunders. In exchange, the Thunders would continue to bring rain to Wasser if the people there respected the boundaries and rules. All was well until Lance ventured beyond those boundaries and met Luna, a Little Thunder. 


From Shane Wilson and his World of Muses, The Boy Who Kissed the Rain is a story of forbidden desire, impossible choices, and parents' love for their children. Read the original, 2017 Rilla Askew Short Fiction Prize-winning story and the stage adaptation here, collected for the first time in a single volume.

The Smoke in His Eyes (Book Blurb)


When TJ—a musical prodigy—witnesses a traumatic event as a child, his senses are overrun with intense hallucinations. Over the years, his visions increase in frequency and intensity, but he hides them from those he is closest to, including his best friend and musical partner, Lila, who challenges TJ to reject formulaic creation in order to create something beautiful and unique. But when Lila signs a record deal, TJ feels left behind and alone with his art and his visions.


That’s when TJ meets an artist named Muna. In his eyes and visions, Muna is made of smoke, and as this magical woman helps him learn how to manage his visions and how to translate what he sees and hears into music and lyrics, she begins to disappear. His journey into Muna’s past is a journey to discover where inspiration originates and what happens to an artist when that inspiration is gone.

A Year Since the Rain (Book Blurb)


Alan —a heart-broken and stubborn computer programmer—took much in his life for granted, including the vast supply of water in his town. But when the rains stop falling and the rivers dry up, he begins to realize how temporary it all can be. His life begins to unravel as, across town, a sinkhole threatens to swallow every bit of the place he has come to call home. 


Taken on a journey of self-discovery by the magical women in his life, Alan is drawn into an unexpected affair and comes face-to-face with a Mystic who walks through his dreams. For Alan, dreams become a new reality, and reality erodes into something of a dream. As his town transforms into an arid wasteland that crumbles beneath his feet, Alan is compelled by the inevitable to strike out into the unknown or perish.

  • "The Boy Who Kissed the Rain," 2018 Pushcart Prize (Nominated)

  • "The Boy Who Kissed the Rain," The 2017 Rilla Askew Short Fiction Prize (Winner)

  • A Year Since the Rain, 2017 Southern Book Award (Long-listed)