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The Woman with a Thousand Faces


“If we can dig far enough, you’ll start to feel it—connections between things that you never knew were connected. It’s not an exercise in pockets of memory. Your life isn’t a series of short stories, Sean. You’re a novel.”

Newspaper reporter, Sean Forrester, was convinced that Troy Gideon, the CEO of Pure Elemental, had nefarious plans for the top-secret Project Skylight. He needed only to find proof. That was before Sean lost parts of his memory. That was before he lost everyone he ever loved in an instant.

That was before the world as he knew it ended.

Now, Sean lives in a house he’s never seen with a woman he’s never met. He has questions about his past and the people he lost. If Sean is going to find the answers he seeks, he will need the help of the stranger in the house. After all, she knows how to access the past in ways Sean will never understand.

The only trouble is whether Sean will be happy with what he finds.

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