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Twelve Days of Indies: Entry 1

Hey folks!

I have teamed up with Heidi Angell again for her annual 12 days of Indies. This is an annual effort to shine a light on indie authors by highlighting authors who have ebooks available for $2.99 or less.

For those who are new to this fun event, the deal is that each day we will share a new list of books that are on sale from now through December 24th. Each day, I will choose one book from the list to purchase and encourage you to do the same. Then share the one you chose and invite your friends and followers to also join the fun and purchase a book.

Because this event highlights e-books that are listed for $2.99 or less. anyone who chooses to participate can do so for under $40. However, this year we've also highlighted those paperbacks that are discounted for the holidays. Heidi does a great job curating this list each year, and every day features a wide range of genres, so it should be no problem picking one book a day.

This is a great way to feed your reading for 2021 at a reasonable price while also supporting indie authors.

Without further ado, let's kick off today's list of books.

Day 12 of the 12 Days of Indies

Shattered Glass, Richard White

Poetry fans, don't miss out. This gem is only $2.99. If you are a fan of Paperbacks, Richard has this poetry paperback on sale for only $9.99.

Inquisitor, Greg Alldredge

Thaddeus worked his way to the top of his profession. As an inquisitor to the Doge, he enjoyed all the comforts middle-classed Venice had to offer.

Isn't that cover absolutely gorgeous? This historical fiction piece is on sale for only $2.99

Just the Way You Are, Adite Banerjie

Single mom and bridal makeup artiste Shikha Verma is finally in a good place – both professionally and on the personal front. A chance encounter with a charming musician, who is much younger than her, has her throwing caution to the winds and breaking vows she’s made to herself. Walking away is the right thing to do. After all, she can't risk another heartbreak when she has only just recovered from one.

If you're a fan of romance novellas, then don't miss this great deal. Only 99¢

Mental Damnation, Konn Lavery

After Krista's people were banished from the surface by the humans, they were reduced to violence and hatred.

If you love dark fantasy, then do not miss this freebie.

Pick One

So, the point of the challenge is to pick at least one book each day to purchase.Today, I am buying Inquisitor by Greg Alldredge (and since it's free, I'm totally also grabbing Damnation.

Which one will you be buying? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share with your friends and family and maybe your book club!

Happy Indie Holidays!


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