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12 Days of Indies: Entry 12

Hey folks--

Welcome back to the annual 12 days of Indies, where I share some of the top indie books available at a discounted rate through the holidays. It's Christmas Eve, and we have reached the end of our journey for another #12DaysofIndies.

Every day has featured a different list of books, so don't miss out.

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And now for the twelfth list (curated especially for this event by Heidi Angell).

Entry 12

A Year Since the Rain, Shane Wilson

Alan --a heart-broken and stubborn computer programmer--took much in his life for granted, including the vast supply of water in his town. But when the rains stop falling and the rivers dry up, he begins to realize how temporary it all can be. His life begins to unravel as, across town, a sinkhole threatens to swallow every bit of the place he has come to call home.

This is my debut novel, and it's available for Kindle now for $2.99.

No Safe Zone, Adite Banerjie

London-bred activist Qiara Rana will do anything to save her mentor and their NGO, Girls Rock!, from ruin. Even if it means visiting the city she had vowed never to return to. But within a few hours of landing in New Delhi, she is being chased by a gunman and is a potential suspect in the murder of a high profile businessman.

If you love romantic suspense, be sure to check out this $2.99 deal.

Santa Claus Bank Robbery, Tui Snider

Marshall Ratliff thought robbing a bank dressed like Santa at Christmastime would be easy. He didn't expect the citizens of Cisco to come at him with guns blazing! But in 1927, a $5000 bounty was offered to any citizen who killed a bandit while the crime was in progress.

True Crime fans do not want to miss this $2.99 special.

Divinity's Twilight: Rebirth, Christopher Russell

Last, but never least, Fantasy fans don't miss out on this 99¢ deal with the paperback half off at $10.95

Pick One

I am going to have to go with some true crime today. I mean, the Santa Claus Bank Robbery? That's pretty on-brand for today, isn't it? What are you feeling for this, the final day of the 2020 edition of #12DaysofIndies?

Happy holidays, folks. Stay safe.


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